Some examples of coping strategies

Farmers and producers in both the developing and developed countries' face enormous challenges as a result of the multiple stresses that plague their day to day operations in the field. While the same risks and uncertainties could be found in both, production outcomes may not be the same, tte main difference is a result of their access to resources (e.g. financial, technological innovations, external support, additional coping mechanisms such as crop insurances and others). While the options are there, when the farmer does not have the capacity to implement any because he does not have the needed resources and tools, he can only rely on resilience. What can make this worse is that in most developing countries, agriculture is not just about food production; it is survival for the resource-poor farmers and their families (Medina 2002).

ttis section looks at the various ways farmers/producers in the developed world differ from their counterparts in the developing regions in adjusting and coping with any set of constraints, risks and uncertainties, which could spell failures/ shortfalls on one hand, and benefits on the other hand.

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