Service Architecture

WAMIS grid portal will try to make best use of service-oriented architecture while employing all the fundamental requirements under WIS framework. Key service layers consist of application, metadata, replica, resource and publishing services (Fig. 12.4). ttis service architecture will be able to meet the GISC requirements in metadata catalogues, Internet portal with local administration, data acquisition, discovery, distribution services, monitoring, and synchronization. In addition, computational grid technology is an important component of grid services implemented in WAMIS grid portal to provide computing resources for model operations via Internet through Web Service technology in the future.

• Application Service

- Web service: Interactive user configuration on domain, applications

- Grid service: Authorization/authentication, Brokers, Grid portal

• Metadata Service

- Ontologybroker: WMO Metadata Core Profile - extended with keywords

- Semantic Web: Protege3.0 based Ontology development (RDF/OWL)

• Replica Service

- Catalogue: Globus with legacy catalogue (THREDDS)

- Data Grid: Interface with legacy data servers (GDS, LAS)

• Resource Service

- Model server: AgroMeteorological Models, NWP models

Fig. 12.3 System Components of WAMIS Grid Portal Structure

Publishing Layer

Application Layer

Resource Layer

Service Framework

Application S/W

GRID Layer



GRID Layer


More Dream, GT Services G SI, G rid Et p, GRAM, RLS

Web Portal


Grid Portal

Semantic Grid

G rid Sphere


Fig. 12.4 Service Oriented Architecture of WAMIS Grid Portal

More Dream, GT Services G SI, G rid Et p, GRAM, RLS


- Tool server: GIS, Graphic tools, Statistics, DBMSs

- Computational Grid: Globus, Unicore • Publishing Service

- GIS: Map display, spatial analysis, Web interface

- Graphics: NCAR graphics, GrADS

- Interface: Web interface with feedback

- AccessGrid: Partial supplement for members available

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