Resource Sharing System Case of WAMIS

As the WMO Information System (WIS) evolves to provide a single entry point for any data request, the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM) is trying to extend its service to member countries under WIS umbrella by implementing the World Agrometeorological Information Service (WAMIS) into a Grid portal to share computer resources, especially for emerging countries in which limited IT resources are most critical barriers in improving its operational services in Agro-Meteorology.

An inevitable use of advanced ICTs such as information network, database, simulation models, tools for GIS, RS for agrometeorology should be made in its implementation. In this regard, sharing of resources including IT and human resources available among countries will be a promising way to solve the above mentioned problems. WAMIS grid portal will be a promising solution in improving resource sharing among CAgM member countries by allowing them to make better use of remotely located resources for agrometeorological services at national/region al scale, especially when it provides interactive forecast-based agrometeorological services via simple Internet access.

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