Requirements for DMSS Infrastructure

Agrometeorological products require diverse computer resources all through the processes such as data collection, processing, archiving, dissemination, etc. in a systematic way for better on-site application by farmers. Basic requirements for integrated system infrastructure can be listed as follows:

• Hardware Systems. Servers for simulation models, databases, system analysis, high speed network framework, mass data storage and DBMS;

• Information. Existing DB: RS, agronomy, management, climate, etc.; Met Data Resources: synoptic data, forecasts(S,M,L), prognosis, adaption data; Development Tools: simulation models for climate, crop, resource management, root zone dynamics, farm management, etc.; Derived Products: climate change scenarios, seasonal and interannual forecasts, crop growth and development, regional food demand/production, etc.;

• Interfaces. TCP/IP based Internet Web interface with GUI; object oriented architectures: free of OSs, languages, platforms, networks; multi-directional communication networks between end-users and researchers;

• Operations. Facilities, equipment, space, man power, budget, hardware, software, evaluation, etc.

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