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According to the National Drought Policy Commission report, Preparing for Drought in the Twenty-First Century (2000), many agricultural producers do not have access to information to develop and implement a drought plan, and even fewer producers are receiving technical assistance to help them develop and implement such plans. In order to address this problem, the NDMC is developing a model drought planning process and web-based educational delivery system for forage and rangeland producers.

tte NDMC is working collaboratively with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's (UNL) Cooperative Extension Service and Department of Computer Science and Engineering, livestock and forage production consultants, and individual ranchers to identify essential planning components and develop a generic drought planning process that can serve as a template for producers to follow. Tasks being completed for this project include:

• Conducting a review of existing literature on livestock production and drought planning;

• Developing new information on aspects of livestock production and drought planning such as climate and weather, grazing systems, alternative forage production, herd management, supplemental feeding, financial management strategies, and federal assistance programs;

• Utilizing video technology to record and display drought management strategies;

• Organizing relevant information into a drought planning process that meets the needs oflivestock and forage producers; and

• Developing a web-based educational delivery system for mass distribution.

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