Operational Implementation

Daily (actual) FWI products are already being generated for many countries and some global regions on an operational basis (Fig. 20.2). Linking or networking these agencies would provide a significant start to compiling a global product of current fire danger. An advantage of building on existing national and regional systems is that it will ensure direct connection and applicability of the EWS-Fire from local to global scales. Provision of a complete global product of current fire danger will require a coordinating agency or facility to compile existing spatial data, to produce fire danger maps for regions where there currently are none, and to integrate the current fire danger maps with hot spot data (and possibly other remotely sensed data in the future, such as vegetation and rainfall), ttis will be a large task and may need the assistance of a number of regional agencies, tte overall structure and procedures for this will depend on many factors, including the range and scale of products, availability of data, facilities, etc.

tte following steps are envisaged:

• Undertake concept evaluation through operational trials with users.

• Support the institutional arrangements required for relevant agencies in the region to consider the new operational system.

• Develop procedures within the robust framework of the World Weather Watch (global network of operational meteorological services) to run the EWS-Fire on a daily operational basis, which includes analysis and production of current and forecast fire danger assessment, and dissemination of early warning information through multiple channels.

• Establish procedures with operational meteorological services to maintain and update the System as new tools and products are developed.

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Fig. 20.2. Example of potential EWS-Fire product using the Drought Code (DC) component of the FWI System.

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