Operational FDRS

In 2002 the Indonesian FDRS commenced operations nationally at the Indonesian Meteorological and Geophysical Agency (http://meteo.bmg.go.id/fdrs/index. html). In 2003 the Malaysian Meteorological Service began operating the Malaysian FDRS (www.kjc.gov.my/english/service/climate/fdrsl.html) and displaying regional outputs for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (www.kjc.gov.my/ english/service/climate/fdrsl.html) (Figure 20.3). tte FDRS are being used by forestry, agriculture, environment, and fire and rescue agencies to develop and implement fire prevention, detection, and suppression plans.

Sustained use of newly transferred technology is often a challenge. To ensure ongoing FDRS operations after the Southeast Asia FDRS Project, a summary of FDRS technical information, reference material, guides for interpretation, and practical applications for user groups were compiled in a manual. As well, FDRS operating agencies in ASEAN, and in Indonesia and Malaysia prepared manuals of standard operating procedures (Figure 20.4). Also, a regional team of training specialists prepared a train-the-trainer course curriculum. By 2004, 20 fire management specialists from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei completed the one-week course to become agency trainers. Finally, a Southeast Asia Fire Science Network was formed in 2001 to continue development of fire science expertise within the region, tte network includes scientists from local universities and management agencies that share common interests and the goal to further advance knowledge in areas such as fire weather, fuel models, and fire behaviour.

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