Intraseasonal distribution

In agricultural production, intra-season rainfall distribution is more important than cumulative rainfall. Respondents indicated that measures of intra-seasonal rainfall distribution or 'seasonal quality' be predicted, ttis would help the farmers plan properly in terms of timing of planting to avoid the crops reaching critical stages at times when there are high probabilities of dry spells. Studies in other parts of Africa have indicated that intra-seasonal distribution is a climatic parameter necessary for decision-making in the agricultural sector (Usman et al. 2005). In Kenya, research reports that total seasonal rainfall may be enough to sustain crop production, but its distribution and occurrence of intra-season dry spells (ISDS) and off-season dry spells (ODS) affect crop production. Rainwater harvesting (RWH) and management, especially on-farm storage ponds for supplemental irrigation offers an opportunity to mitigate the recurrent dry spells (Ngigi et al. 2005).

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