Information channels for different income levels in poor areas of China

From the results of Tan Ying et al. (in prep.) it follows that in central and western regions of China, traditional modes of information flow and communication still occupy the main position. Qualitatively it followed from the survey contacts that from the point of view of utilization of technological information and acknowledgement/acceptance of its effects, 90 percent of farmers thought that the flow paths combining personal communication with mass media played an important role in farmers' information selection, ttey would rather transmit demands for new technology through personal communications such as with able villagers, model households, experts, technicians, etc., confirming that personal relations play a very important role in China's rural technological information initiatives.

ttis is confirmed by the results of Ye (2000). tterefore, although information service systems have been shaped and established, the scientific and technological requirements of investigated farmer households have not been met yet. For farmers in relatively rich regions, channels are more diverse, but farmers in comparatively poor regions can mainly get information through personal communication, ttis is again confirmed from sources outside China (LEISA 2002).

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