Shelterbelt techniques system

Shelterbeltsystem in oasis

Shelterbelt system in oasis consists of stabilizing sands belt with sands enclosure, shelterbelt on the edge of oasis and cropland shelterbelt inside of the oasis (Fig. 18.3). In order to prevent springing up wind and head off shifting sand, there is a need to build a wide shrub shelterbelt with a width of 200 m at least outside of oasis. As the second defense line a shelterbelt on the edge of oasis is located between shrub stabilizing sands belt and cropland. Cropland shelterbelt inside of the oasis plays the important role in adjusting microclimate on cropland, sustaining oasis and improving agricultural production.

Fig. 18.3. Shelterbelt system in oasis. (Source: Combating Desertification Management Center of State Forestry Administration)

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