Implementation Strategy

As both future customer and information provider to WIS, WAMIS needs to be implemented as a grid portal to provide not only information but also computer resources that are critical for strengthening agrometeorological services in member countries, especially with limited computer resources for agrometeorological service. Under grid environment together with legacy technology for high performance computing, large-scale diverse data and analysis servers, WAMIS will provide an IT framework for end-users with interactive remote operation of their service development and deployment based on NWP forecasts as a grid portal. Specific interface will be provided for interactive operation on region-specific applications at operational level that requires and provides non-meteorological information from diverse sources, e.g. AMBER(DWD), DSSAT(USA). WAMIS grid portal can be used as an initial step to collaborate closely with GEOSS in the near future that aims at integrating all the observations available on the Earth.

• Web Portal: information sharing (current role ofWAMIS)

- Transit to XML-based service: standard schema development

- Machine translation: multi-lingual interfaces needed

- Operational applications based on Web service architecture

- Tutorial interfaces for real practices

• GRID Portal: Resource sharing (extended role ofWAMIS)

- Forecast-based AgroMeteorological services for researcher/extension

- Benchmarking on AMBER(DWD), expanding with DSSAT(USA)

- NCAR (WRF, MM5), DWD (GME, LM), KMA(GDAS) as NWPs considered

- Super ensemble ofLong-range/Seasonal Forecasts (APCC/METGRID.)

- GISC/vDCPC dedicated to WAMIS be required (NCAR, DWD)

- LIS (NASA) as a framework for LSM (GDS/LAS+GRID in the future)

- uCAgM project -> WAMIS grid portal -> WIS pilot project -GEOSS Hub

• IT Implementations

- Computational Grid

Korea Nat'l Supercomputing Center shall provide for Testbeds KMA will provide support for developmental and operational service MM5 under Globus, then extends to LM under Unicore environment AMBER(DWD) for AgMet Models, later extends to DSSAT (USA)

- Data Grid

Globus DataGrid functions will be used primarily Legacy servers with links to Data Grid using Data Broker

- WIS umbrella

Virtual DC/PC should be constructed among new and existing DC/PCs Specialized/dedicated GISC can be considered to accommodate non-meteorological data (Fig. 12.1)

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