Extreme weather events and its impacts on Indian agriculture

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tte year 1999 witnessed a super cyclone striking the eastern coast of India (Oris-sa State). It was a major natural disaster affecting the subcontinent in recent years. Droughts of 1972 and 1987, the heat waves in 1995 and 1998 and the cold wave in 2003 killing several hundred people are still fresh in public memory, tte drought and failed monsoon of 2002, in particular, an unusually dry July, is matter of concern for scientists and planners (De et al. 2005).

Year to year deviations in the weather and occurrence of climatic anomalies/extremes in respect of these four seasons in the country are i) Cold wave, Fog, Snow storms and Avalanches ii) Hailstorms, ttunderstorms and Dust storms iii) Heat wave iv) Tropical cyclones and Tidal waves v) Floods, Heavy rain and Landslides, and vi) Droughts

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