Examples of coping strategies with agrometeorological risks and uncertainties for Integrated Pest Management

A.K.S. Huda, T. Hind-Lanoiselet, C. Derry, G. Murray and R.N. Spooner-Hart

16.1 Introduction 265

16.1.1 Crop Diseases - Stripe rust in wheat and Sclerotinia rot in canola 267

16.1.2 Implicationsfortechnologytransfer 269

16.1.3 Resource allocation for risks 270

16.1.4 Supportive Decision-Making Tools 271

16.1.5 Effectiveness of decision-making tools 271

16.1.6 Importance ofExperimental Observation 272

16.1.7 Desirable level of complexity 272

16.1.8 Economic balance in control 273

16.1.9 Towards the Future 273

16.2 Conclusions 277

Acknowledgements 278

References 278

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