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Drought is considered a natural disaster that originates from a deficiency of precipitation over an extended period of time, causing harm to the different activities of the population, tte damages caused by effect of droughts are much stronger in areas of extreme poverty.

Drought causes negative impacts such as: reduced water availability for irrigation purposes; delay in the sowing dates and less crop yield; loss of productivity in natural prairies and dry-land crops; increased erosion on plains and high areas; environmental stress in hydromorphic areas; soil salinization due to the reduction in the volume of water for irrigation and drying up of wet areas; effect of frosts due to the delay of the sowing in drylands; intensification of freatic water tables and drying up of wells; and advance of desertification in the arid, semi-arid and subhumid ecosystems.

tte degree of severity of droughts can be intensified due to some other climate factors depending on each region and these include high temperatures, strong winds and low relative humidity.

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