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tte goal of the drought risk atlas is to provide users with a comprehensive assessment of the history, frequency, intensity, duration, and trend of droughts over the past century on a site-specific basis, tte intent is to provide users with a tool to help them better understand and visualize their drought risk in order to make better long-term management decisions. An interactive web-based interface will allow producers, water managers, and decision makers to tap into a database containing precipitation, stream flow, and drought indices based on daily data that goes back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. Historical analyses will allow users to examine seasonal, monthly, weekly, and daily patterns, along with the spatial distribution and characteristics of precipitation and drought. Users will be able to display and print their results in table, graph, or map format. Tutorials and libraries of information explaining the results will accompany both the web-based tool and an envisioned CD-based product that will be distributed free to users.

Specific tasks that will be accomplished through this project include: (1) conducting a comprehensive review of the literature and web on other drought-specific atlas products; (2) expanding on the comprehensive collection of drought risk information in order to build a time series database containing the frequency, trends, and magnitude of precipitation/droughts on a station location basis; (3) building and enhancing an interactive interface (web/CD-based delivery systems) to the data and visuals so that it is as efficient and user-oriented as possible; and (4) fostering a continual process of user feedback, evaluation, assessment, and dissemination of the tool, especially among agricultural producers.

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