Directseededrice D5R croppingsystem

In the northwest Bangladesh, a cropping system called direct-seeded rice (DSR) is emerging through the assistance of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and the Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, ttis system has enabled early planting of crops which include T. aman rice, followed by potato and in some instances, even maize is planted in the furrows two weeks before the potato harvest. DSR is a system which enables optimal timing for different rice varieties. Even in the flood-prone regions in Bangladesh, like the Chalan Bil lowland region that can have only one rice crop a year (called the boro crop), DSR using boro rice results to much higher yields, tte rice crops are also being grown at times different from the usual.

Rice is directly seeded either through dry (drilling the seed into a fine seedbed at a depth of 2-3 cm) or wet seeding (usually with the use of a drum seeder). However, weed management is a critical factor and timely application of herbicides, with one or two hand weeding can provide effective control.

ttis is also practiced in the Indo-Gangetic Plains in northern India (known as India's grain bowl, producing 50 per cent of the nation's rice and wheat). Farmers who tried the DSR cropping system during the previous wet season (kharif) attest to its advantages. Notable among these are that the farmers can sow earlier than when they used transplanting method, enabling them to take full advantage of the rains, have good yield, save labor and use less water (Singleton 2006).

One concern being addressed now by the scientists at the International Rice Research Institute is the possibility that there could be a buildup of weeds in DSR. A possible solution they are looking into is a rotation of crop (e.g., rice to sugar cane).

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