Demand and supply ofinformation for different income levels in poorareasofChina

tte very poor farmer (family) pays little attention to technological information (Tan Ying et al. in prep.). According to its importance, the highest information demand for the category of low-income farmer families can be generally ranked as follows (acknowledging areal differences): new varieties, rural policies, utilization of new technologies and applied scientific knowledge. Information demand for anyone item of information is only 30% on average and 40% in some areas. Similarly, for the mid-income farmer families, the general order was as follows: utilization of new technologies, new varieties, the sale of products, applied scientific knowledge, market information and rural policies, tte average information demand rate of four regions is just over 30%, not really higher than for the low-income group, but this category began to pay more attention to market information and the sales information of products.

As to the relatively-rich farmer families, the general order is as follows: market information, the sale of products, utilization of new technologies, applied scientific knowledge and rural policies, tte average information demand of the four regions is 40 percent, higher compared with the mid- and low-income groups, but also still in need of much improvement (Tan Ying et al. in prep.), tte low demand figures show that there is eventually still much work to do to make known the services that may be offered.

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