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tte mission of the National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is to lessen societal vulnerability to drought through the application of appropriate risk management techniques, including development of preparedness plans and improved drought monitoring and early warning systems and the adoption of appropriate drought mitigation measures, tte NDMC was formed in 1995, and it has been working with local, state, and national government in the United States; foreign governments; international organizations; and others to build awareness of drought and to implement strategies to lessen risk, tte NDMC's mission is much broader than just the agricultural sector. Agriculture is certainly one of the most drought-affected sectors, and it is one in which substantial reductions in vulnerability can be achieved through changes in management. However, in many cases, this requires access to better and more timely information. For this reason, the NDMC is focusing considerable attention on development of web-based decision support tools for agricultural producers and other decision makers. Examples of these tools are discussed below.

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