DB requirements

WAMIS grid portal should handle diverse data sources, formats, contents from synoptic data, forecasts(S,M,L), prognosis, adaption data, simulation models for crops, resource management, root zone dynamics, farm management, etc. It also has to take care of derived products such as climate change scenario, regional food demand/production, etc. It indicates that WAMIS needs highly elaborated data handling and distribution mechanisms, including ontology, because it consists of various contents in different formats depending upon the origin or process of data manipulations.

- Meteorological data: historical, now-casting, forecast, prediction

- Non-meteorological: energy flux, surface, vegetation, soil, moisture

• Time span: real-time, on-demand, fixed schedule

• Prerequisites:

- Interface to legacy servers

- Interface to non-meteorological information

- Extended Metadata, relevant ontology

- Metadata Catalogue, Replica service

- Dedicated GISC/DCPC to cover specific data/information

- Supporting interface between legacy and DataGrid Servers

- Computational Grid optional

- AccessGridmayberequired

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