In the last few years governments of the countries in South America are giving an increasing recognition to the social and economic benefits related to activities of prevention and reduction of climate risks, ttis recognition is reflected in issuing new policies, budgetary allocations to carrry out these activities and the development of the capacity of the organizations in charge of prevention and mitigation activities. Most countries in the region are showing a trend to leave behind mechanisms of just responding to disasters originating from climate and favor the multi-disciplinary and multi-sectorial approaches for prevention in the long and medium term.

On the other hand, in this region there are some regional and sub-regional institutions that have proved to be crucial in promoting an inter-disciplinary approach and to support the country members to undertake the global practice of risk reduction and institutional development in this field. In this sense, there is an increasing interest in the education sector to face risks and uncertainties of climate origin, since there is a growing number of universities that offer post-graduate and masters courses on Risk Management and Reduction of Disasters and there are many countries, in which the reduction of disasters is being included in many school programs and at different levels.

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