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Agrometeorological services help the farmers in reducing the impact of risks and uncertainties, in addition to efficient management of pests and diseases on their crops, there by helping to increase their agricultural production. Agrometeorological services are useful in crop management systems that extension services provide to the agricultural community and help the extension personnel in performing their functions more efficiently at the end-user, tte research scientists work in collaboration with different departments as a multi-disciplinary team with the expert knowledge to evolve agrometeorological products and services for farmers in different farming systems, ttey include forecasts of weather and climate, monitoring and early warning products for drought, floods, or other calamities, general agrometeorological advisories, etc. ttese products and services would increase the preparedness of the farmers, well in advance, to cope with risks and uncertainties. In education, the successes, failures, and experiences of researchers and extension specialists are taught in the curricula of agrometeorology departments in the universities, training centers, and other capacity building institutions. Such exercises will enlighten the classical training and strengthen the usefulness of the services for the farmers and other user communities, ttese agrometeorological services help the government decision-makers to involve the private sector on priority issues like crop insurances, providing infrastructure facilities, enhanced cooperation between the institutions providing information and relevant advisories, and those responsible for their transfer to the farming community to solve the risks and uncertainties associated with production agriculture, forestry, rangelands, environment, and livestock.

Agrometeorological services are the end products of agrometeorological research. Improved management of climatic and weather related events such as disasters, risks and uncertainties is central to the profitability of our rural industries and the ecological sustainability of its resource base. Agriculture, forestry, rangelands, environment, livestock, etc., are the most important sectors heavily impacted by these events, tte current status of agricultural production and increasing concerns with related environmental issues calls for improved agrometeorological services for enhancing and sustaining agricultural productivity around the world, tte requirements for the agrometeorological services were described in the light of emerging issues related to environment, climate change, biodiversity, drought and desertification, food security, and sustainable development, tte Agenda 21, International Conventions including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), and the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), the World Food Summit Plan of Action and the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WFSPAWSSD) include the elements that have implications for strengthening operational agrometeorological services, tte weather related disasters around the world have been increasing in the recent past and operational agrometeorological services could help the farming community with better preparedness and mitigation strategies.

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