Africa faces great challenges in terms of improvement of the use of climate information for agricultural use and food security, tte challenges at hand are not really impossible to achieve but feasible only if the Governments of the day can put in place appropriate policies and allocate sufficient resources for relevant institutions to conduct their mandate effectively. Key gaps seen as a priority included the lack of information on intra-seasonal distribution; this requires resources to fund research to develop technologies or models for forecasting intra-seasonal rainfall distribution.

tte other challenge of insufficient translation in terms of language and terminology requires capacity building in communication science by those mandated to communicate information to the users. Challenges around stakeholder and institutional capacity also require urgent attention. Recommendations are made in the areas of forecast improvement (e.g. greater focus on forecasting intra-seasonal distribution) and increased national and non-traditional investment in outreach and applications, amongst others.

Weather based insurance is an upcoming strategy that has proven its worth in places such as India and it is important that it given the attention it deserves as helps improve the food security of communities especially the resource poor.

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