Components ofDMSS forAgrometeorological Risks

A complete and effective Decision-Making Support System for risks and uncertainties in Agrometeorology may comprises four inter-related elements: risk knowledge, monitoring and warning service, dissemination and communication, and response capability (United Nations 2006). A weakness or failure in any one part could result in failure of the whole system.

Risks arise from the combination of the hazards and the vulnerabilities to hazards that are present. Assessments of risk require systematic collection and analysis of data and should take into account the dynamics and variability of hazards and vulnerabilities that arise from processes such as environmental degradation and climate change. Risk assessments help to prioritize early warning system needs and guide preparations for response and disaster prevention activities.

Warning services lie at the core of the system, ttey must have a sound scientific basis for predicting and forecasting and must reliably operate twenty-four hours a day. Continuous monitoring of hazard parameters and precursors is necessary to generate accurate warnings in a timely fashion.

Warnings must get to those at risk. For farmers to understand warnings, they must contain clear, useful information that enables proper responses. Regional, national and community-level communication channels and tools must be pre-iden-tified and one authoritative voice established, tte use of multiple communication channels is necessary to ensure that everyone is reached and to avoid the failure of any one channel, as well as to reinforce the warning message.

Farming communities must also know how to react to warnings, ttis requires systematic education and preparedness programs led by disaster management authorities. It is essential that disaster management plans are in place and are well practiced and tested, tte farming community should be well informed on means to avoid damage and loss of property.

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