Challengesto contingency planning and responses

Because the nature of different hazards is not involved as a primary issue and the organizational challenges have so much in common, we do not differentiate here between the hazards concerned. However, when drought becomes a long-term creeping phenomenon it needs a different treatment, but we deal in this paper with relatively short-term phenomena, ttere is a consensus in the newest literature that emergency relief measures are an important part of preparedness strategies to reduce suffering after the events, the same way insurances work, but that the other preparedness approaches should reduce emergency relief necessities as much as possible (e.g. Smolka in Sahni and Ariyabandu 2003; Stigter et al. 2003a). In India the armed forces always play a major role, are involved in contingency planning and coping with disaster response and are prepared to be provided to the civil government.

Swamy (in Sahni and Ariyabandu 2003) summarizes the primary objectives of the emergency relief response mechanism as to undertake immediate rescue and relief operations, tte mechanism requires planners to identify disasters and their probability, evolve signal/warning mechanisms, identify the activities and sub-activities, define the level of response, specify authorities, determine the response kind, work out individual activity plans, have quicker response teams, undergo preparedness drills, provide appropriate delegations and have alternative plans, ttis has to be organized identically but must have different contents for each type of disaster.

ttere must exist a relation between these challenges and those to preparedness for the inevitable that will be our last subject below after the challenges to mitigation practices.

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