Case Study in EWSFire Development

Forest and land fires in Southeast Asia have many social, economic, and environmental impacts. Tropical peatland fires affect global carbon dynamics, and haze from peat fires has serious negative impacts on the regional economy and human health. To mitigate these fire-related problems, forest and land management agencies require an early warning system to assist them in implementing fire prevention and management plans before fire problems begin. From 1999 to 2004 the Canadian Forest Service, in collaboration with partner agencies in Southeast Asia, developed an FDRS for the region, as well in Indonesia and Malaysia (de Groot et al. 2007). tte FDRS' provide early warning of the potential for serious fire and haze events. In particular, they identify time periods when fires can readily start and spread to become uncontrolled fires and time periods when smoke from smouldering fires will cause an unacceptablyhigh level ofhaze.

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