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Agrometeorological risk is the random environmental variability associated with the farming process due to weather, soils, diseases and pests, ttus weather and climate are one of the biggest production risks and uncertainty factors impacting on agricultural systems performance and management. Extreme climatic events such as severe droughts, floods, cyclonic systems or temperature and wind disturbances strongly impede sustainable agricultural development. Hence weather and climate variability is considered in evaluating all environmental risk factors and coping decisions.

Agrometeorological hazards and uncertainties maybe classified, though somewhat arbitrary, as follows (United Nations 2006)

- Hydrometeorological hazards: floods, tropical cyclones, wind disturbance (severe storms), extreme temperature (cold, heat), drought, air pollution, haze and smoke, dust and sand storms, snow avalanche and winter weather hazards (permafrost), famine.

- Geological hazards: earthquakes, Tsunami, volcanoes, near-Earth objects, landslides.

- Biological hazards: epidemics, locust swarms, wild animals

- Environmental degradation: desertification, wildland fire, loss ofbiodiversity

- Climate changes (variability)

- Agricultural Policy (inconsistency)

- Socio-political Policy (circumstance)

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