In the African region, most adaptation strategies in agriculture are at the subsistence level and these include the use of new cultivars adapted to the environment, optimal use of crop calendar and crop diversification, alternating fallow land with strips of grain crops, strip cultivation in areas with intensive wind erosion and other management strategies like afforestation (windbreaks, etc.), change in land use in hazard prone areas, use of early warning systems (EWS) for natural disasters in agriculture in the fields, and institutional measures, like use of risk/hazard zoning maps.

The Basic Survival Guide

The Basic Survival Guide

Disasters: Why No ones Really 100 Safe. This is common knowledgethat disaster is everywhere. Its in the streets, its inside your campuses, and it can even be found inside your home. The question is not whether we are safe because no one is really THAT secure anymore but whether we can do something to lessen the odds of ever becoming a victim.

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