Access to technological advances

ttere are also major challenges of access to technological advances in Africa as well as preparedness and response strategies and training of intermediaries between NMHSs and farmers etc. In most developing countries, women make up the majority of the population working in agriculture, but they are marginalized with respect to access to ICTs for economic and social empowerment (Odame et al. 2002). Due to this margin-alization, the farmers find it very difficult to access climate information which could be very vital in planning their agricultural activities. At the same time it is acknowledged that telecommunications connectivity in developing countries is usually available only within the capital and in major secondary cities. Yet the majority of the population lives outside of these cities (Odame et al. 2002). But, for most poor farmers in Africa, production depends on the vagaries of the climate, ttey have no way to obtain modern farming technology, or credit to buy much needed inputs, ttey often cannot even reach vital markets because of poor infrastructure (Diouf 1997).

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