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List of contributors vii

Preface 1

A global vegetation index for SeaWiFS: Design and applications 5

N. Gobron, F. Melin, B. Pinty, M. M. Verstraete, J.-L. Widlowski and G. Bucini

Modeling sensible heat flux using estimates of soil and vegetation 23 temperatures: the HEIFE and IMGRASS experiments.

Li Jia, Massimo Menenti, Zhongbo Su, Zhao-Liang Li, Vera Djepa and Jiemin Wang

Exploitation of Surface Albedo Derived from the Meteosat Data to 51 Characterize Land Surface Changes

Bernard Pinty, Michel M. Verstraete,Nadine Gobron, Fausto Roveda, Yves Govaerts, John V. Martonchik, DavidJ. Diner and Ralph A. Kahn

Towards a Climatology of Australian Land Surface Albedo for use in 69 Climate Models Ian F. Grant

Collocated surface and satellite observations as constraints for Earth 85 radiation budget simulations with global climate models Martin Wild

How well do aerosol retrievals from satellites and representation in 103 global circulation models match ground-based AERONET aerosol statistics ?

S. Kinne, B. Holben, T. Eck, A. Smirnov, O. Dubovik, I. Slutsker, D. Tanre, G. Zibozdi, U. Lohmann, S. Ghan, R. Easter, M. Chin, P. Ginoux, T. Takemura, I. Tegen, D. Koch, R. Kahn, E. Vermote, L. Stowe, O. Torres, M. Mishchenko, I. Geogdzhayev and A. Hiragushi

Remote Sensing of Snow and Characterization of Snow Albedo for 159 Climate Simulations

Anne W. Nolin and Allan Frei

Using the Special Sensor Microwave Imager to Monitor Surface 181 Wetness and Temperature

Alan Basist and Claude Williams

Snow Cover Fraction in a General Circulation Model 203

Boreal Forest Fire Regimes and Climate Change 233

B.J. Stocks, B.M. Wotton, M.D. Flannigan, M.A. Fosberg, D.R. Cahoon andJ.G. Goldammer

Specification of surface characteristics for use in a high resolution 247 regional climate model : on the role of glaciers in the swiss alps Stéphane Goyette, Claude Collet and Martin Beniston

Using Satellite Data Assimilation to Infer Global Soil Moisture Status 273 and Vegetation Feedback to Climate

Wolfgang Knorr and Jan-Peter Schulz

The Use of Remotely-sensed Data for the Estimation of Energy 307 Balance Components in a Mountainous Catchment Area P.A. Brivio, R. Colombo andM. Meroni

Integration of operationally available remote sensing and synoptic 329 data for surface energy balance modelling and environmental applications on the regional scale Stefan Niemeyer and Jürgen Vogt

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