In this section, only the results of the 1-km model resolution for this particular winter condition are discussed. Results of a multi-scale and multi-seasonal analysis of the impact of the land-cover upon the regional surface conditions in Switzerland will be addressed in a forthcoming paper.

In the following, the "perturbed" simulation refers to the simulation in which glaciers are presents in the Bernese Alps and in southern Switzerland, while the "control" refers to the simulation without glacier ice.

Since there are fluxes and variables whose values are averaged between archival periods in the model (ex. G, H,, E,, Vani!m), time series for the February 27, 1990 period will be illustrated from 0100 UTC to 2300 UTC inclusively. The effects of changing the land-cover are analysed in terms of the differences in mean field values and surface parameters and variables over glacier ice in the Alps between the control and the perturbed experiments.

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