The mid-visible (0.55(j.m wavelength) optical depth is commonly used to present model results from global aerosol simulations. Optical depths can be visualized, compared to ground measurements and are critical in the determination of aerosol climatic impacts. However, the determination of aerosol optical depths is quite complicated and depends on many assumption regarding emission, transport, removal, chemistry and aerosol properties. To account for the different nature of aerosol, with respect to absorption, size and humidification, it is desirable to process aerosol independently for type, with each aerosol type eventually contributing to the total aerosol optical depth. Thus, for models that distinguish by aerosol type, not only disagreement but also agreement to AERONET must be investigated due to the high probability for unnoticed cancellation of errors. First models are introduced, then, comparisons to AERONET statistics are presented, before model results are examined in view of their component contributions.

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