Synoptic Features

Similarly, current understanding of African convection remains deficient (CLIVAR

1999). African Easterly Waves (Cook 1999) provide a sound framework to explain the formation of squall lines and mesoscale convective systems through convective feedback loops on meteorological medium-range timescales (Landsea et al. 1999). They appear to be the key mechanism behind precipitation patterns during the core of the rainy season (Gu and Adler 2004) where the number of individual events explains most of rainfall variability (D'Amato and Lebel 1998; Le Barbé and Lebel 1997), but account for only a proportion of seasonal rainfall on the ground (Taleb and Druyan 2003). Further investigations are needed to understand processes that link synoptic events to regional and global circulation (e.g. MJO, Matthews 2004), tropospheric jets (Nicholson and Grist 2003), and land surface conditions (Fontaine and Philippon

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