Institutional Challenges

Most important of the challenges is the sustainability of the process in the long run. From the inception of the capacity building activities, international donor organizations such as NOAA, USAID-OFDA, the World Bank and WMO, have provided the funding. Up to now, there is no concrete strategy for other options at local or regional level to take full responsibility of the process, especially the COF process. This challenge threatens the future continuity of the COF process and its associated capacity building activities. The future fate of the capacity building activities is not clear, especially if the current donors cease funding, and there are no alternative options to take up the funding responsibility. COF is an endangered species under the current circumstances and it needs help to save and sustain its life. Another institutional challenge is mainstreaming of the COF products into routine regional and national development planning activities. This can influence users' perception, trust and confidence in the information, which, in turn, are linked to the quality and skill of the product. This is a technical issue, which would be resolved by addressing critical technical challenges.

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