Forecast Information of Greatest Value to Corn Production

Table 16.3 shows that agricultural extension workers view the onset of the rainy season, duration of rainy days, rainfall distribution, and drought and typhoon occurrence as equally important climate information that they would like to request to be made available to them. On the other hand, farmers' most requested information is the duration of rainy days. This information is important in scheduling land preparation and planting. While the Philippines experiences, on the average, about 20 typhoons annually and Isabela is along the typhoon belt, there was very little need for typhoon-related information since it is considered a regular occurrence in Isabela (PAGASA 2000). Farmers and extension workers are quite satisfied with the advance typhoon warnings and advisories of PAGASA. However, majority of the extension agents and all of the farmers interviewed would like a lead time of at least 1-2 weeks for their advanced climate-related information to be significantly useful in corn production. This lead time is seen as an adequate enough period to adopt or make the needed adjustments or decisions on corn production-related activities such as planting and fertilizer application.

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