Field Implementation

Six (6) corn farmers with a farm size of at least two hectares each were selected as case study cooperators. Three (3) farm sites were established in different villages/communities in the town of Benito Soliven. The municipality of Benito Soliven is located at 16°55' N longitude and 121°60' E latitude. It is about 98 meters above sea level (Fig. 4.1). Corn in this area is produced on rolling terrain and being located in an elevated area compared to the rest of the corn production sites in the province, Benito Soliven's climate-related concern is mainly drought occurrence.

The other three (3) farm sites are located in different communities/villages in the town of Naguilian, Isabela Province. Naguilian is located at 17°60' N longitude and 121°50' E latitude. It is about 38 meters above sea level. Naguilian is situated along the Cagayan River, the biggest river system in northern Philippines. The town's major weather-related concern is flood occurrence.

Each of the farms identified was divided into two main plots with timing of planting as the treatment, and each experimental unit measuring 2 500 m2 with two replications. One plot was planted based upon the recommended planting period derived from the use of climate forecast products combined with the use of statistical analysis of long-term historical weather data of the province. The other plot was planted based on the farmer's choice of planting date. Most corn farmers in Isabela province base their choice of planting dates on the actions of neighboring farmer leaders in the vicinity. Plots owned by same farmer (i.e. with different planting dates) were managed by the same farmer employing similar cultural practices. This was closely monitored by the project staff who lived in the area.

The choice of planting date is the sole recommended modification from established farmer's practice. Since the experimental cropping season is towards the dry season, the main consideration in the choice of planting date is the assurance of moisture availability during the tasseling or reproductive stage in corn production. In the tropics, this is approximately 55 days after planting.

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