Farmers Cooperators Background

Naguilian Farmer No. 1: Mr. Arturo Marfil is 52 years old, has reached collegiate-level of education and has four hectares of farm land solely devoted to corn. He obtains 40% of his farm capital from private lenders/traders. He owns a hand tractor and corn sheller which facilitate easier land preparation and shelling. On the side, Mr. Marfil raises poultry, swine, cattle and freshwater fish to supplement his farm income.

Naguilian Farmer No. 2: Mr. Felipe Ignacio, Jr. is 49 years old, has reached high school-level education and has 28 years of corn farming experience. He grows corn on three and half out of his four hectares of farm land. His wife also assists in his farming activities. He derives 90% of his farm capital from private lenders/traders.

Naguilian Farmer No. 3: Mrs. Herminia Accad is 64 years old and a retired elementary school teacher. She has 20 years of farming experience. She solely manages her 2.3 hectares of corn farm and hires local farm hands to perform the necessary field operations. She derives about 30% of her farm capital from local lenders/traders.

Benito Soliven Farmer No. 1: Mr. Miguelito Santos is 44 years old, has an agricultural engineering degree from a local university and has 24 years of corn farming experience. Mr. Santos works for the local government and hires local farm workers to do the day-to-day farm operations. Mr. Santos allocates 2 hectares out of his 4 hectares of farm land to corn production. He obtains 20% of his farm capital needs from private lenders/traders. He traditionally plants corn in November for the dry season cropping and May for the wet season cropping.

Benito Soliven Farmer No. 2: Mr. Edmund Gauiran is 27 years old, has a university degree and also works for the local government. Just like Mr. Santos, Mr. Gauiran obtains 20% of his farming capital from private lenders/traders. He hires local farm workers to till his 2 hectares of corn plantation.

Benito Soliven Farmer No. 3: Mrs. Esmenia Aquino is 65 years old and has 35 years of corn farming experience. She completed elementary education. Mrs Aquino owns seven hectares of farm land and allots four hectares of her property to corn production. She also hires local farm workers for her crop operations. Corn production is her primary source of income. She utilizes her own funds to finance her farm operations.

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