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11. Fig. 7.30 shows, schematically, the surface pressure contours (solid) and mean 1000 mbar to 500 mbar temperature contours (dashed), in the vicinity of a typical northern hemisphere depression (storm). ''L'' indicates the low pressure center.

Sketch the directions of the wind near the surface, and on the 500-mbar pressure surface. (Assume that the wind at 500 mbar is significantly larger than at the surface.) If the movement of the whole system is controlled by the 500-mbar wind (i.e., it simply gets blown downstream by the 500-mbar wind), how do you expect the storm to move? [Use density of air at 1000 mbar = 1.2 kg m-3; rotation rate of Earth = 7.27 x 10-5 s-1; gas constant for air = 287J kg-1K.]

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