Increased water availability in moist tropics and high latitudes1 Decreasing water availability and Increasing drought In mld-latltudes and seml-arld low latitudes 2

Increasing amphibian extinction 4

About 20 to 30% species at Increasingly high risk of extinction 4

Major extinctions around the globe

Most corals bleached

Increased coral bleaching 0

Increasing species range shifts and wildfire risk'

Crop productivity

Widespread coral mortality0

Major extinctions around the globe

Terrestrial biosphere tends toward a net carbon source, as:8

~15% -40% of ecosystems affected

Low latitudes Decreases for some cereals

Increases for some cereals Mid to high latitudes

All cereals decrease9 Decreases in some regions9

Increased damage from floods and storms11

Additional peopl coastal flooding at risk of year

0 to 3 million

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