Small Islands

5 to 20% increase crop yield potential

Decreased space heating and increased space cooling18

About 70% Increase In hazardous ozone days19

About 70% Increase In hazardous ozone days19

70 to 120% increase forest area burned In Canada17

Increase in depth of 20

seasonal thaw of 10 to 15% Arctic permafrost

20 to 35% reduction of Arctic permafrost area

3 to 8 times increase in heatwave days in some cities19

10 to 50% Arctic tundra replaced by forest 21

15 to 25% polar desert replaced by tundra 21

20 to 35% decrease annual average Arctic sea Ice area22

Increasing coastal Inundation and damage to Infrastructure due to seatevel rise 23

Allen species colonise mld-and high latitude Islands 24

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