Polar regions Arctic and Antarctic

Coordinating Lead Authors:

Oleg A. Anisimov (Russia), David G. Vaughan (UK)

Lead Authors:

Terry Callaghan (Sweden/UK), Christopher Furgal (Canada), Harvey Marchant (Australia), Terry D. Prowse (Canada), Hjalmar Vilhjalmsson (Iceland), John E. Walsh (USA)

Contributing Authors:

Torben R. Christensen (Sweden), Donald L. Forbes (Canada), Frederick E. Nelson (USA), Mark Nuttall (Canada/UK), James D. Reist (Canada), George A. Rose (Canada), Jef Vandenberghe (The Netherlands), Fred J. Wrona (Canada)

Review Editors:

Roger Barry (USA), Robert Jefferies (Canada), John Stone (Canada)

This chapter should be cited as:

Anisimov, O.A., D.G. Vaughan, T.V. Callaghan, C. Furgal, H. Marchant, T.D. Prowse, H. Vilhjalmsson and J.E. Walsh, 2007: Polar regions (Arctic and Antarctic). Climate Change 2007: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. Contribution of Working Group II to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, M.L. Parry, O.F. Canziani, J.P. Palutikof, P.J. van der Linden and C.E. Hanson, Eds., Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 653-685.

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