Largerscale aggregation and attribution to anthropogenic climate change

Table SM-1.5. Characteristics of the data used in the aggregation and attribution assessment of Section 1.4.

1. Database constructed of observations from studies, including information such as:

a. category and region (according to WGII Chapters), b. longitude and latitude of study, c. study dates and duration, d. direction of change, consistent or not consistent with warming, e. statistical significance, f. type of impact and system, g. whether or not land use was a driving factor.

2. Criteria for inclusion of study in synthesis assessment:

• published peer-reviewed study,

• statistically significant trend in change in system related to temperature or related climate variable,

• changes observed in systems between 1970 and 2004; studies may extend after 2004,

• studies ending in 1990 or later,

• duration of study period 20 years or longer.

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