Southerly movement of boreal plankton in the western North Atlantic due to lower salinities

Western North Atlantic

Johns et al., 2001

Rocky shore/

intertidal communities

Community changes due to regional temperature changes

British Isles

Hawkins et al., 2003; Southward et al., 2005

North Pacific

Sagarin et al., 1999

Kelp forests/ macroalgae

Effect on communities and spread of warmer-water species due to increased temperatures

North Pacific

Holbrook et al., 1997


Walther et al., 2002

Pathogens and invasive species

Geographical range shifts due to increased temperatures

North Atlantic

Harvell et al., 1999; Walther et al., 2002; McCallum et al., 2003

Fish populations and recruitment success

Changes in populations, recruitment success, trophic interactions and migratory patterns related to regional

British Isles

Attrill and Power, 2002

North Pacific

McGowan et al., 1998; Chavez et al., 2003

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