North-West China

0.7°C increase in mean annual temperature from 1961 to 2000

Between 22% and 33% increase in rainfall

Shi etal., 2002

Tibetan Plateau

Regional mean

0.16 and 0.32°C per decade increase in annual and winter temperatures, respectively

Generally increasing in north-east region

Liu et al., 1998; Yao et al., 2000; Liu and Chen, 2001; Cai et al., 2003; Du and Ma, 2004; Zhao et al., 2004

West Asia




During 1951 to 2003 several stations in Some stations show a decreasing different climatological zones of Iran trend in precipitation (Anzali, Tabriz, reported significant decrease in frost Zahedan) while others (Mashad, Shiraz) days due to rise in surface temperature have reported increasing trends

IRIMO, 2006a, b; Rahimzadeh, 2006

East Asia


Warming during last 50 years, more pronounced in winter than summer, rate of increase more pronounced in minimum than in maximum temperature

Annual rain declined in past decade in North-East and North China, increase in Western China, Changjiang River and along south-east coast

Zhai et al., 1999; Hu et al., 2003; Zhai and Pan, 2003

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