Figure 2.6. AOGCM projections of seasonal changes in (a) mean temperature (previous page) and (b) precipitation up to the end of the 21st century for 32 world regions. For each region two ranges between minimum and maximum are shown. Red bar: range from 15 recent AOGCM simulations for the A2 emissions scenario (data analysed for Christensen et al., 2007a). Blue bar: range from 7 pre-TAR AOGCMs for the A2 emissions scenario (Ruosteenoja et al., 2003). Seasons: DJF (December-February); MAM (March-May); JJA (June-August); SON (September-November). Regional definitions, plotted on the ECHAM4 model grid (resolution 2.8 x 2.8°), are shown on the inset map (Ruosteenoja et al., 2003). Pre-TAR changes were originally computed for 1961-1990 to 2070-2099 and recent changes for 1979-1998 to 2079-2098, and are converted here to rates per century for comparison; 95% confidence limits on modelled 30-year natural variability are also shown based on millennial AOGCM control simulations with HadCM3 (mauve) and CGCM2 (green) for constant forcing (Ruosteenoja et al., 2003). Numbers on precipitation plots show the number of recent A2 runs giving negative/positive precipitation change. Percentage changes for the SAH region (Sahara) exceed 100% in JJA and SON due to low present-day precipitation. Key for (a) and (b):

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