On integration of policies for climate and global change

Currently envisaged mitigation of GHG emissions will be insufficient to appreciable limit climate change and its impacts. Adaptation holds the promise of ameliorating the impacts on a small subset of systems being affected. There is no question that both will be needed. However, climate change is only part of a broader multi-stress setting of global through to local changes. Privileging climate-related policies over other concerns leads to tragic outcomes. Climate policies need to be designed for and integrated into this broader and challenging context. This paper focuses on placing climate change within the broader context of global change and the importance of aligning climate policy objectives with the myriad other policies that still need to be implemented if our primary goal is improving human welfare rather than limiting our focus to climate change and its impacts.

Dowlatabadi, H., On integration of policies for climate and global change. Institute for Resources Environment and Sustainability & Liu Institute for Global Issues, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

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