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Tropical cyclone intensity

Magnitude, timing, distribution

Increase in Cat. 4-5 storms *'**, with impacts exacerbated by sea-level rise

Further increase in tropical cyclone intensity */**


Magnitude, timing

Drought already increasing * g Increasing frequency / intensity drought in mid-latitude continental areas ** h

Extreme drought increasing from 1 % land area to 30% (A2 scenario) * i

Mid-latitude regions affected by poleward migration of Annular Modes seriously affected ** j

Table TS.8. Table of selected key vulnerabilities. The key vulnerabilities range from those associated with societal systems, for which the adaptation potential is the greatest, to those associated with biophysical systems, which are likely to have the least adaptive capacity. Adaptation potential for key vulnerabilities resulting from extreme events is associated with the affected systems, most of which are socio-economic. Information is presented where available on how impacts may change at larger increases in global mean temperature (GMT). All increases in GMT are relative to circa 1990. Most impacts are the result of changes in climate, weather and/or sea level, not of temperature alone. In many cases climate change impacts are marginal or synergistic on top of other existing and possibly increasing stresses. Criteria for key vulnerabilities are given in Section TS 5.3. For full details refer to the corresponding text in Chapter 19. Confidence symbol legend: *** very high confidence, ** high confidence, * medium confidence, • low confidence.

Sources for left hand column are T19.1. Sources for right hand column are T19.1, and are also found in Tables TS.3 and TS.4, with the exception of: a: 5.4.2, 5.6; b: 20.6, 20.7; c: 1.3, 11.4.8, 14.2.3, 15.4.5; d: 3.4, 6.4, 11.4; e: 19.3.5, T19.1; f: 19.3.5, 12.6; g: 1.3.2, 1.3.3, T19.1; h: WGI; i: WGI AR4; j: WGI AR4

19 Range combines results from modelling and analysis of palaeo data.

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