Decreases in nutrients in surface water and corresponding increases in deep-water concentration because of reduced upwelling due to greater thermal stability

Hambright et al., 1994; Adrian and Deneke, 1996; Straile etal., 2003

Lake Baikal, Russia

Recent decades

Decrease in silica content of 30% related to regional warming

Shimaraev et al., 2004

27 rivers, Japan

Recent decades

Increase in biological oxygen demand and suspended solids, and decrease in dissolved oxygen due to increase in air temperature

Ozaki et al., 2003

1.3.3 Coastal processes and zones

Table SM-1.4. Examples from the literature of changes in storm surges, flood heights and areas, and waves.

Type of change




More frequent and higher floods due to subsidence, hydrodynamic changes and relative sea-level rise

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