' Polar regions include also observed changes in marine and freshwater biological systems. ' Marine and freshwater includes observed changes at sites and large areas in oceans, small islands and continents.

Figure SM-1.4. Changes in physical and biological systems and surface temperature used in chapter synthesis assessment in Section 1.4. Background shading, and the key to the bottom right, show changes in gridded surface temperatures over the period 1970-2004. The boxes, and the key to bottom left, show the continental-scale changes in physical (left-hand column) and biological (right-hand column) systems calculated from individual series with at least 20 years data in the 1970-2004 period; the top row shows the number of observed series matching the length criterion that show a significant trend and the bottom row shows the percentage of these in which the trend is consistent with warming. At the global scale TER = Terrestrial; MFW = Marine and Freshwater, and GLO = Global.

Table SM-1.8. References of studies that fit the criteria selected for global synthesis assessment in Section 1.4.

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