Earlier egg laying in the welcome swallow.

Evans et al., 2003

Southern beech

Seed production increase in Nothofagus (1973 to 2002) along elevational gradient related to warming during flower development.

Richardson et al., 2005


Westward shift of Chilean jack mackerel in the Pacific and subsequent invasion into New Zealand waters in the mid-1980s associated with increasing El NiƱo frequency.

Taylor, 2002


Ice volume decreased from about 100 km3 to 53 km3 over the past century. Loss of at least one-quarter of glacier mass since 1950. Mass balance of Franz Josef glacier decreased 0.02 m/yr from 1894 to 2005.

Chinn, 2001 ; Clare et al., 2002; Anderson, 2004

Sub-Antarctic Islands

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