and thereby agriculture. According to Ralph Kadel, project manager at KfW, the former arrangements whereby the local population did not have any rights of access or use of the national parks had an adverse effect. The local population was unaware of the importance of the national parks for the stability of downstream ecosystems and economic activities and continued to use the protected forests as a source of wood and for cattle grazing, despite increasing erosion. The newly proposed institutional framework is based on a participatory approach in which natural resources, management responsibilities and income are shared with the population. The new executive agencies for the national parks are semi-private/semi-public organisations, whilst there is also an increasing role for non-governmental organisations. The funding for the national parks, which is now almost exclusively derived from ODA, will have to be diversified with trust funds and tourism as important new contributors. Climate change and variability have never been considered explicitly in this project. However, the very idea behind the preservation of upstream ecosystems is the part these ecosystems play in regulating the microclimate of the river catchments. The vegetation, in ensuring the stability of soils and river flows, reduces the vulnerability of a catchment to both droughts and tropical storms. Preserving vegetation is thus a good precautionary and no-regret measure to prepare for climate change. vlp report.pdf

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